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Founder and Director of Journeys Counseling Center

Debbie Mauger,  MA,  LMHC #8763

I truly believe that life experience can be the very best teacher. I believe that insight and wisdom are born out of personal experience and the intentional, contemplative process of self discovery in the context of relationship. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I desire to create a holding space for the individuals, the couples and the families that I have the privilege to sit with. Holding our time together and the space to be curious about the who, the what, the why, and the how of my client’s experience, the impact of the experience and what conclusions and vows he/she may have made as a result, are my priority. To be fully known by another, with unconditional positive regard is the beginning of the healing process.

I have been incredibly blessed over the past 16+ years with the opportunity to hear the stories and to experience the hearts of so many people as they engaged their journey of wholeness and healing. My professional training has been primarily focused on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy based out of Attachment Theory and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, most effective for those who suffer with intense emotional dysregulation. As a result of my personal experience with ruptures and repairs in 38+ years of marriage, raising 4 children, being the primary caregiver for family members through the dying processes of Alzheimers and cancer, I not only bring my professional training and experience, but everything that I have learned from life’s teacher.    

Education & Certification: Reformed Theological Seminary 2003 Masters in Counseling / Licensed Mental Health Counselor 2005 / Created Journeys Counseling Center 2005 / Clinical Supervisor 2005 to present .

Continuing Education: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, DBT / Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, EFT / Completed 4 Day EFT Externship

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 Mindy Bales, MA,  LMHC #12367   
Josh Bales, MA, IMH #12754

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Olivia Litwiller,  MA,  LMHC #12236

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Michele Bachman,  MA,  LMHC #13788

In 2013, Michele Bachman earned her Masters of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando. She began work at Journeys Counseling in July of 2013. She is trained in EMDR and a relational model of counseling that integrates various counseling theories. Her areas of focus include trauma, anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, spirituality, sexual abuse, self-injury, body image, attachment and relational discord issues. 

Please contact Michele directly at 407-951-8829 ext 704


Ryan Cassada,  MA,  LMHC #13642

Ryan is a North Carolina native who found her way to the Sunshine State in 2011. Ryan believes as humans, we are designed to be relational and interdependent. At the root of most psychological struggle is broken connection with significant others. While relational woundings cause us to engage ourselves and others in unhealthy ways, there is also incredible power for healing and change through corrective connection, which is what Ryan strives to offer her clients in therapy. Through collaborative, kind and honest interactions, her hope is for clients to feel understood and empowered as they journey down the road of self-discovery, healing and growth.

Please contact Ryan directly at 407-951-8829 ext 705


Mark Nicks,  MA,  LMHC #15951

Mark was born and raised in Nashville, TN. In 2002, he graduated from Middle Tennessee State University where he received a B.S. in Psychology. In 2008, he married Brandy, and a few years later they moved to Orlando. Mark received a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary. As a private practice counselor, Mark works with adolescents, as well as couples and adults. Mark believes that we were created for relationship and for glory—not suffering. So, when we experience the pain of loss, confusion, and heartache, none of us know exactly what to do with it. That is why we all need help from others from time to time. Mark would be honored to walk alongside you as you navigate through this life.

Please contact Mark directly at 407-951-8829 ext 706

  Brandy Nicks

Brandy Nicks, MA, LMHC

As a counselor, it is a deep honor to be able to walk with teens, men, women, couples, and families through their journey — from sorrow to joy and everything in between. Instead of fancy techniques and jargon, Brandy takes a very relational approach to counseling. She also integrates unique tools such as art and writing to help her clients. She is passionate about helping people in the areas of self image, depression, anxiety, sexuality, abuse, shame, spirituality, and relationships. Brandy received a Master of Arts in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando in 2014.

Please contact Brandy directly at 407-951-8829 ext 707


Cathy Buckland,  MA,  LMHC #8696

Cathy Buckland is passionate about walking alongside of her clients to help them achieve deep healing, and emotional wholeness with God, self, and others.  She has over 15 years of experience, specializing in working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma (past and present), grief, and relational issues.  Cathy utilizes an eclectic approach to counseling which can include narrative therapy, internal family systems, and relational therapy. When she is not in the counseling room, Cathy enjoys raising her 4 boys, yoga, creating art, and doing almost anything outside in the sunshine.

Please contact Cathy directly at 407-925-6891


Matt Cassada,  MA,  LMHC #13055

Matt facilitates growth, development, and healing for individuals, couples, and families who are stuck, stagnant, and hurting. Most notably, Matt specializes in the developmental realms of adolescence, sexual identity exploration, grief, vocational frustration, and other life transitions. He has extensive experience working with men dealing with pornography and other addictive patterns, families dealing with failure to launch scenarios, and couples caught in painful relational cycles. Matt is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Counselor Education and Supervision. During this time, Matt has developed a love for supervising and teaching counselors in training, researching, writing, and presenting. Towards this end, Matt is a published author and frequent presenter at local and national conferences. 

Please contact Matt directly at 407-951-8829 ext 711

Ashleigh Boyle,  MA, IMH #16268

Ashleigh moved from California in 2014 to receive her MA in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. Ashleigh is passionate about helping people discover a deeper sense of who they are and how to live that out in freedom and authenticity. She enjoys coming alongside people, offering hope and healing in the places where they feel stuck. Foundational to her clinical approach is a relational style that values connection as the vehicle for change and growth. Ashleigh has experience working with individuals dealing with relational issues, burnout, trauma, sexuality, anxiety, and depression.

Please contact Ashleigh directly at 407-951-8829 ext 710


Kim Mascher, MA, IMH #17252

Originally from Virginia, Kim graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Biology & Religious Studies and a passion for serving the local church. She worked for a church in the D.C. area in various ministry areas including high school, young professionals, adults, and small groups. Her passion for serving people led Kim to Orlando to earn a Masters in Counseling. She seeks to offer a safe and compassionate space for you to explore your story. Kim believes that healing occurs in the context of authentic and caring relationships, and this can begin in the counseling office. She enjoys working with adolescents and adults, and her areas of focus include anxiety, depression, abuse, loss, spirituality, life transitions, and relationship issues.

Please contact Kim directly at 407-951-8829 ext 709


Tracey Bailey, MA, IMH #17387

Tracey is a Florida native and a farm girl. From the windows of her childhood home, she could see and hear the noises of four generations of family life. This unique family context has shaped the trajectory of her life and continues to be her passion. Tracey received a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of Florida and after marrying and having two children, she and her husband relocated to St. Louis where they both attended Covenant Theological Seminary. Tracey completed her Masters Degree in Counseling in 1999. Since that time, Tracey has served in the school setting as both a teacher and a counselor, spending countless hours with families as they sort through transitions and crisis together. Tracey’s focus in the therapeutic setting centers around family life, parenting, children, teens, and crisis counseling.

Please contact Tracey directly at 407-951-8829 ext 712


Gayle Gallo, MA, IMH #17295

Gayle moved from New York in 2001 to pursue her Bachelors degree in Social Work from The University of Central Florida. In the years following, she and her family lived overseas for four years investing in college ministry as well as church planting. After returning to the states she completed her Master of Arts in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. Gayle believes that the counseling relationship provides an opportunity to experience a safe environment where healing can begin to take root. Through numerous therapeutic approaches, Gayle enjoys working with each individual to customize a counseling plan unique to their flourishing. She has experience working with anxiety and depression healing, couples counseling, cross-cultural transitions, trauma, infant loss, and infertility.

Please contact Gayle directly at 407-951-8829 ext 708