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Journeys Counseling is about finding

This is the mission of Journeys Counseling.  Life is so busy. Relationships can be as difficult as they are fulfilling. We want to help you take it all in, process it, move through the sorrows, soak up the joys. Whether you've decided to process your past or prepare for your future, we want to come alongside you on YOUR JOURNEY and laugh, cry, hope, dream with you.  

Welcome to Journeys Counseling Orlando. We are conveniently located on the second floor of the Maitland Exchange Building in Downtown Maitland, FL. From our reception area to our offices you will notice immediately that we believe journeys of healing and change begin with rest, beauty, and listening. Our therapists know that counseling is not about easy answers or quick fixes, but about joining you along your journey of transformation. Our mission is to help our clients find rest for their souls: individually, as couples, as families.

Journeys offers our clients a safe environment to be heard, seen, and known. We understand that modern life offers few opportunities for this. Anxiety, depression, relational conflict, past trauma — these are sacred invitations to rest and reflect. By combining a safe environment, professional training, and sincere listening, we believe Journeys offers the chance to pause the business and embrace transformation.

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668 N Orlando Ave Suite #210
Maitland, FL 32751

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